Maturi de sorg, cozi de lemn, articole de us casnic...detalii produse.

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Construction tools

Axe with natur wooden handle and the weight of 1500g or 1800g.
Plastic broom with medium thread and natur wooden handle.
A hammer used in constructions with double back usage.
An iron ladle used in constructions with wooden handle.
Handle: Lemn lacuit
Mechanic hammer with wooden handle has 4 sizes:300g/500g/800g/1000g
Weight: 300g/500g/800g/1000g
Handle: Lemn lacuit
Iron paddle for mixing paint and solutions.
A plastic box with 15 compartments used for householding,fishing and tools storage.
A set of plastic fillers,with different sizes used for more detailed works.
A very light ladle, made of plastic with medium size,165mm diameter
Diameter: 165mm
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